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About Telecorr

Telecorr Double Wall Corrugated (DWC) PE pipes are ideal for cable ducting for its crush strength, bending radius, and superior pulling ability. They are also unaffected by future road constructions, unanticipated digging work, and rodents.

These pipes that comply with IS 16205 (Part 24: 2018) are an asset to the telecommunications and railway industry helping to protect its expensive infrastructure installations. They protect telecom cables and railway lines which allows them to lie underground for years.

Available Sizes:

No.Internal Diameter (mm)External Diameter (mm)Standard length (m)

Why Telecorr Double Wall Corrugated (DWC)?

  • Non conducting
    not susceptible to galvanic corrosion or electrical interference
  • Low coefficient of friction
    Simplifies field installation due to lower cable stress
  • Excellent strength
    withstands constant heavy overload pressure
  • Flexible
    fewer joints, does not break and adaptable to ground heaves and shifts
  • Lightweight
    reduces cost and aids in installation
  • Moisture proof and Watertight
    complete cable protection
  • Chemical resistance
    Extended outdoor storage life
  • Immune to bacterial or fungal growth
    impervious to insect attacks
  • Color coded
    easy to identify

Telecorr Applications

Used in highways, housing developments, special economic zones, commercial projects, retail and industrial infrastructure applications

  • Low tension electric underground cable protection
  • Communication underground cable protection
  • Railway signaling cable protection
  • Indoor ventilation systems
  • PEX plumbing pipes protection