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Our testing facilities are capable of performing the most stringent tests required for the piping system as per IS 16098-2, IS 16205 (Part 24: 2018), BSNL GR-34, ISO 21138-1 & 3 and EN 13476-1 & 3. These standards cover applications from electrical cable ducting to underground waste water transportation networks and piping systems. Our advanced infrastructure and focus allows us to maintain a superior product quality which can be constantly monitored and improved over time

The most vital tests for double wall corrugated polyethylene pipes that can also be performed in our laboratory are listed below:

  • Ring Flexibility
  • Ring Stiffness
  • Creep Ratio
  • Water Tightness Test
  • Tensile Testing
  • Melt Flow Index Test
  • Impact Test
  • Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance Test
  • Oxidation Induction time

These methods are adopted to ensure the highest quality during production, after production and after installation.

We are certified with the following standards:

  • IS 16098 Part 2 (2013) – First applicants and recipients
  • IS 16205 (Part 24: 2018)
  • ISO 9001: 2015 – Quality Management Certification

Quality Policy:

We at ALOM POLY EXTRUSIONS LIMITED are engaged with the manufacturing and supply of structured wall polyethylene pipes that constantly exceed customer expectations.

We adhere to strict quality standards by adopting the best technology and continuous process up-gradations with most the competent persons and the highest quality resources.

We believe in the involvement of all persons in the organization and continual improvement of all processes.