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About Alcorr

Alcorr pipes have a Double Wall Corrugated profile made with high-density polyethylene material. The external layer has annular corrugation, it has a very smooth internal layer. The pipes possess high Structural Integrity because of its configuration (larger 2nd Moment of Area & CG). The chemical/biological inertness coupled with Metallurgical advantages leads to a very long life expectancy and Hydraulic Superiority. All such helpful criteria along with social and environmental benefits make them the most suitable pipes for underground Gravity Flow applications with enormous Techno-commercial viability.

DWC PE pipes are being used globally for the creation of efficient wastewater collection and conveyance networks for the last four decades. Alcorr pipes are manufactured using the world’s finest technology from a Canadian company having loads of experience in the field. These systems are meant for non-pressure underground application domains such as Sewerage, Drainage, cross drainage (pipe culvert), Gravity Flow Irrigation, and storm-water Storage.

The Instrument helps the Urban Local Bodies, Urban conglomerates, and industries to manage their wastewater and rainwater problems efficiently. Underground Gravity Flow Distribution even for Irrigation purpose also comes under its applicability domain.

Alom Poly has one of the largest production capacity for DWC Pipes and Fittings (Alcorr & Telecorr in combination) culminating to 14000 MT/Annum.

Mechanical Characteristics For Alcorr Pipes:

CharacteristicsReference of IS Standards
Ring FlexibilityIS 16098 (Part 1) : 2013 : Annex D
Ring StiffnessIS 16098 (Part 1) : 2013 : Annex C
Creep RatioIS 16098 (Part 1) : 2013 : Annex E
Impact StrengthIS 12235 (Part 9)

Available Sizes:

Sl. No.Nominal Internal
Diameter (mm)
Outer Diameter
Stiffness ClassStandard length
17590SN 46
2100120SN 4 and SN 86
3135160SN 4 and SN 86
4150180SN 4 and SN 86
5170200SN 4 and SN 86
6200238SN 4 and SN 86
7250290SN 4 and SN 86
8300345SN 4 and SN 86
9400480SN 4 and SN 86
10500580SN 4 and SN 86
11600715SN 4 and SN 86
12800955SN 4 and SN 86
1310001200SN 4 and SN 86

Ease in Handling and Transportation

Light weight permits simple manual haulage of the pipes from a distant stockyard to remote locations where trucking is not possible.

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Why Alcorr Double Wall Corrugated (DWC)?

  • Environmentally safe
    No leaks, no cracks and no damage to environment and soil
  • Socio-environmental friendliness
    Pipe laying does not disturb urban clusters
  • Long Lasting
    Service life of over 100 years
  • Cost effective
    Uses minimal material for equal strength
  • Ease of Installation
    Uses fewer manpower and can be installed in very constrained locations
  • Chemical Resistance
    Chemically inert to waste water ingredients and ‘crown corrosion’ is non-existent
  • Green piping material for environmental sustainability
    Download Environment Friendly – whitepaper

Alcorr Applications

  • City and urban clusters
    Economical, easier and swifter installation, handling and transportation to overcome socio-environmental issues with underground pipe installations.
  • Urban sewerage rehabilitation
    Economically most viable in crowded and haphazardly grown old core clusters of the city
  • Highway and busy roads
    Anti leakage coupling to create environment friendly and virtually maintenance free drainage corridors
  • Earthquake prone areas with high tectonic movements – high strength to weight ratio and adaptation of pipe length and roundness to uneven ground or earth movements.
  • Rainwater drainage
    (agricultural, highway and citywide)
  • Shallow and deep tube – well casing
  • Effluents disposal and Industrial drainage