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Maintenance of Alcorr DWC PE Piping Systems:

  • DWC PE Pipes for the non-pressure conveyance of stormwater, wastewater, cross drainage, and industrial effluents
  • Inherent benefits ensure easy maintenance and longer life
Routine Sewer Cleaning TechniquesNothing adheres to the smooth inert PE inner surface because of its chemical inertness. Manual cleaning of the manholes would keep the entire conduit deposition free. It is helpful in case of storm drainage/cross drainage. Even for Industrial effluent, the pipe inner layer is inert, and therefore only nodal maintenance through manholes shall suffice.
Mechanical Maintenance Cleaning by the three combinations: 
– Bucket wincing:  A mechanical method where two winches are on top of U/S & D/S Manholes of the sewer segment. Cleaning through bucketing of the sewer line & emptying the debris from the continuously running Bucket at U/S Manhole while it is moving.   
– Mechanical Rodding: Fully Mechanized replica of age-old sewer cleaning by bamboos for loosening of deposits.   
– Sewer Jetting: Starts from D/S & proceeds to U/S. The water jet loosens the deposits down to the D/S Manhole, to be removed. 
*See note below.
Sewer JettingPerfectly Suitable.
Since the imperative thickness of the inner wall of DWC PE Pipe can easily withstand low internal pressure, it is suitable.
Sewer cleaning by PumpingDespite being designated for Non-Pressure Applications, the structurally imperative inner-wall thickness of the DWC PE Pipes can withstand much higher internal pressures than conventional Non-Pressure pipes. Therefore, the entire system can be cleaned by periodic pressure (up to 1.5 kg/cm2) jetting from upstream (u/s) locations.
How to fix punctured pipe?There are three ways to rectify these defects.
– Heated Plastic Welding(PE extrusion gun) if the puncture is small. 
– Replacing the short defective segment by a new short piece with offline coupler fitted on the original pipe and rubber ring fitted on both side valley as normal installation. 
– Insert a new Manhole at the location and integrate it with the system 

* Note: In all mechanical cleaning methods, the manholes play the key role. The cleaning Liner needs to operate central to the sewer corridor. For that purpose, the manhole frame and cover shall have to be concentric to the sewer line.