95% lighter than Concrete pipes
100% Recyclable at the end of its usable life
30% lower annual amortized cost compared to Concrete Pipes
3 times longer life compared to Concrete Pipes
2.4 times longer in length, fewer joints to ensure better leakage protection
CO2 emissions for Concrete pipes is over 3 times that of plastic pipes
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Creating efficient products using green technology for ‘a better tomorrow’.

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Double Wall Corrugated ( DWC ) pipes for use in cable ducting applications for PLB duct casing, electrical cables and others

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Revolutionary new product, Double Wall Corrugated ( DWC ) pipes ideal for use in sewerage and drainage projects for roads, highways, industrial and agricultural.

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Our testing facilities are capable of performing the most stringent tests required for the piping system as per IS 16098-2, IS 14930 Part II,  and ISO 21138-3.

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