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Smart Rain Water Drainage: Perforated DWC PE Underground Piping System

Often in International Cricket, rain plays havoc and spoils a prospective thriller. In Chinnaswamy Cricket Stadium, Bengaluru, perhaps such abrupt ending will never happen again. The new innovation with skillfully engineered perforated Alcorr DWC PE pipes in the form of Radial Underground Infiltration Gallery system has been proved to be the ultimate solution.

The Chinnaswamy Oval was sub-divided into 7 sectors for the implementation purpose. For obvious cricketing reason, no underground perforated Drainage System could be provided under the rectangular pitch portion. The overland flow from the central zone (pitch area) there off spreads over the rest 6 equal dimensioned sectors for instant infiltration to the Radial Underground Infiltration Gallery.

The overland flow from central zone including the precipitation on each of the remaining sectors is guided for uniform percolation down instantly to the underground Piping network, then accommodated therein and transported to the peripheral circular Trunk-Main for final disposal to the city Municipal Drainage corridor.

For holistic convergence of every single drop of percolated water to the system and to keep soil out, Geo-textile wrapping was used underneath and the alongside the installed network.

Alcorr DWC pipes allowed the infiltration of water and also use of sub-air to vent the field and keep the grass green during off days. This combination is now a vital component is large scale cricketing events around the world where large crowds and resources are mobilized per game and rain should not be allowed to play spoil sport. Observing the success of Chinnaswamy stadium, many stadiums around the world have started adopting this system complete with our meticulous and original designs.

  • General Layout Trench configuration of a single sector before spreading of Geo-textile materials
  • Geotextile provided for holistic accommodation of percolated drainage to the Infiltration Gallery system.
  • Photograph showing specific jointing of laterals with sub-mains

The perforated version of Alcorr DWC PE Piping System, configured in accordance with international specifications has been a state-of-the-art solution to the frustrating ‘watery end’ to a Cricket International.


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