PE Manholes
We wish to highlight the following key features of Romold manhole system:
  • Rotomoulded PE manholes for Sewers lines and telecom chambers.
  • Romold PE Manhole comes with prefabricated base benching with channels.
  • Easy pipe connections with drilling of hole using EN 681-1 certified inlet seals.
  • Corrosion resistant steps as per EN 13598 and taking into account latest safety requirements such as slip resistance.
  • Romold PE manholes beyond 1.75m depth come in modular format consisting of base, elevation and top cone which can be easily brought to site without any large trucks, cranes or machinery. This system can be put together in a push-fit manner with Romold EN 681-1 triple safety rings. There is no need for any welding, adhesives or chemicals.
  • Romold PE manholes allow for easy height adjustment of 250mm on site. For example, a manhole of depth 1.5 can be easily reduced to depth of 1.25m.
  • Above all Romold system is backed by full technical support on-site. We will provide free of cost training of your site personnel on installation of Romold system. We have our fully trained team.
  • A variety of sizes available from 500, 600, 800, 1000, 1200mm Chambers to depths up to 6 meters. Customized chamber sizes can be higher as well.
  • Already in use in various projects around the country and abroad.

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