Advantage of Double Wall Corrugated ( DWC )

Advantage of Double Wall Corrugated ( DWC ) over Conventional piping systems:

  • Socio-environmental:
    Rapid laying of pipe does not disrupt urban and dense city clusters

  • Life Span:
    Time tested globally for 50 years with an extrapolated life graph of 100 years

  • Economical and light:
    Material saving 65% in comparison to plastic smooth wall pipes enables cost savings. Weight of pipe is only 5% of a traditional RCC pipe
  • Flexibility:
    In all types of contour conditions and under critical external surface pressure like in earthquake prone areas

  • Excellent hydraulic properties:
    Manning’s ‘N’ value of the pipe is 0.009-0.010 which also does not deteriorate during the entire life expectancy

  • Tightness:
    Leak proof and no infiltration of ground water even in unfavorable bedding contour

  • Chemical and biologically inertness:
    Deterioration of internal pipe condition on account of Crown Corrosion is non-existent

Weight Comparison Table
Nominal internal diameter (mm) HDPE DWC Pipes (Kg/m) Class NP3 RC Pipes (Kg/m)
250 5 75
400 9 200
600 21 430
800 35 695
1000 57 1050

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